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Taogent & MIXACO Fair | Wonderful Preview of Taogent & MIXACO at CIBF2024. We are inviting you to gather together at N3T027!
 Apr 07, 2024|View:514


Wonderful Preview

All Over The World With Golden Glory

On December 11, 2023, the entire lithium battery anode material production line independently developed by Taogent was successfully exported to Indonesia. This is an important node for the export of China's first lithium battery anode material production line to countries along the Belt and Road. It is also an important milestone for Taogent's global layout and overseas expansion.

Taogent will present globally oriented high-standard overall solutions for lithium battery cathode and anode material at this booth.


Taogent & MIXACO

United Stars Strive Together

On January 1, 2024, Taogent became the distribution agent for MIXACO, a world-renowned mixer manufacturer, in the field of battery material in China.

Taogent will join hands with MIXACO to show you the results of our joint efforts to promote the innovation process in the global battery material field at this booth: cutting-edge innovative products in the field of battery material.



Taogent With Circulation and Sustainability

Taogent has always adhered to the core values of honesty and responsibility, and is committed to becoming the leader of sustainable and intelligent manufacturing solutions for global plants.

Taogent will present the overall solution for sustainable manufacturing and smart plant for lithium battery recycling at this booth. The independently developed innovative lithium battery puncture and discharge equipment will also be released. This equipment will bring more possibilities to the lithium battery recycling industry.



Taogent & MIXACO Fair

Taogent & MIXACO are looking forward to your visit!

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